development history
  • Haibo started busin…


    排列三走势图500期一 www.raiwl.icu

    Haibo started  business as BeiLun Micro mechanics parts plant.

  • Haibo Machinery Co.,…


    Haibo started  business as BeiLun Micro mechanics parts plant.

  • Haibo precision Mach…


    Haibo precision Machinery CO.,ltd was formally established.

  • Haibo Tool and Haibo…


    Haibo Tool and Haibo die caasting plant began.

  • China fishing tackle…


    China fishing tackle standardization research center

  • Haibo office Machine…


    Haibo office Machinery Ltd. & Haibo LiXin Plating Co.,ltd.

  • Honor


    China light industry Association award Haibo  “Top 20 enterprise ”  of  China culture and sporting goods division.

  • Haibo group


    Haibo Group corporate with OPT creation Inc, jointly develop micro bubble machine device and start sale at Japan Market.  Mr. He, board chairman of Haibo award the title of “influential entrepreneur of Ningbo city

  • Ningbo HiWise techn…


    Ningbo HiWise  technology Col.,ltd.

  • development


    Geli GE has been developed including lighting control, environmental monitoring, household equipment control, scene control, five independent subsystems totaling more than 30 kinds of products, covering from the processing core to the actuator to control terminal.

    In September 2014, Haiweisi Yue Bo's brand new conference, the grand launch of the 3L desktop micro bubble washing machine.

  • New start, new journ…


    HiWise ShangHaibo office

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