Haibo R&D

Research and development ability

New product exploitation is important guarantee of company development, so haibo always pay more attention to the new product R&D. and set up technology center for leader and the R&D system of department professional division, meanwhile got marked success .recently, haibo has about 50 the R&D people.

Technology center is the management Dept. of haibo new product and deal with the R&D of the company Strategic new product and new technical, new craftwork , new material and track the home and aboard latest technology, insure company technology line always be the leader in fishing line. Fishingreel , motor , Hunting tool, tool etc. , setting up the R&D dept with so many the rich experience of engineer Technician to process the R&D and assure product to satisfy customer need.

Haibo has a R&D team which always keep enterprising and cooperating, this team always choose high quality technician to improve engineer technology power and very focus on technical Progress ,there are 2 masters and 25 engineers in 50 people ,in pass year ,we got 2 items National Invention Patent and 108 items Utility model patents and exterior patent.

Haibo has first class the R&D environment to guarantee smoothly carrying out, recently haibo project design entirely achieve computerized and adopt advanced software to achieve 3-D design , dynamic balancing analysis, Finite element analysis ,to cooperate with R&D work ,haibo equip Balancing tester, high-speed molding machine , Environmental Testing Equipment, Material tester machine, CMA, gear composite error tester, Spectrometer and so on modernization testing equipment and Self-made automation Fishing reel comprehensive testing machine ,ensure high-quality and speedly to finish the product R&D , the product develop ability and the product technology content have reached home advanced line and got a high reputation in international.

Over the years, haibo succeed in developing many kinds of variety products, Haibo possess 100 items high fishing boat and 10 kinds of mechanical coded lock,10 kinds of powers ,different Speed means ,different operate methods ,100 kinds of specification low power trolling motors , high power trolling motor, high quality Hardware Tools ,hunting parts , fittings of hunting appliances, aluminum oxide ceramics products, hundreds of mechanical components etc.

For haibo make excellent representation in technology progress and got honor < High technology enterprise> in 2001 and was took granted as <high technology enterprise> again in 2008


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